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Grandeur Real Estate Company

We are fully involved in upgrading older buildings with modern amenities and completely redesigning properties. We work closely with the owners and property managers to help identify issues and provide solutions. We assemble a unique team of subcontractors of different engineers and experts. We prepare graphic visualisations so clients can understand the impacts of proposed improvements..read more

Grandeur Real Estate Company

We represent our clients by collecting and remitting rents and other relevant fees timeously. Ensuring a smooth transition between tenancies and ensure that all tenant keeps to the terms of the tenancy agreement executed with our clients. We will help you maximise profit by evaluating your property to determine the approximate rent based on prevailing fair market value..read more

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Grandeur Real Estate Company

We offer thorough and professional facilities management services, taking care of all aspects of facility management, taking the pressure off owners while providing a “one-stop-shop” business model. Our in-house experts deliver the highest quality services for our customers, providing integrated, cost-effective solutions aligned to international best practice…see more

Grandeur Real Estate Company

Living in vibrant cities such as Lagos is fun. The life of the residents is busy because there are many ways to enjoy after a busy day at work. People often complain they do not find any time to clean up their houses, offices, or apartments. This is a huge challenge for them to keep the house or apartment clean..read more

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Grandeur Real Estate Company

At Grandeur Real Estate & Cleaning Company, we are here to service all of your residential and commercial cleaning needs. We will visit your apartment or office upon request to mop floors, clean the toilets, dust the furniture, and make every corner immaculately clean. We also handle deep cleaning of kitchen appliances and we can take care of sorry-looking carpets and upholstered furniture..read more

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You now have the opportunity to reach out to a world class facility management company, right here in Lagos Nigeria. What ever your facility management needs are, (Office Space or Home). Our team of generalist and specialist professionals are there to maximize the available resources & reduce risk to your satisfaction.

Real-Estate Buyers - 3 Important Steps

  • Inspection
  • Disclosure
  • Information

Property Purchase Step 1.

In general, buyers are permitted to conduct a series of inspections on the property that they are about to purchase. After your offer has been accepted, Grandeur Real Estate will assign a professional home inspector to conduct an inspection of the property. Some of the items typically examined in the course of inspection are appliances, plumbing, heating, electrical, structure, foundation and roof.

Property Purchase Step 2.

You will then be provided with a Property Disclosure Statement from the Seller, which contains all information material to the sale of the property. During your inspection period, you will be expected to read through the document carefully and direct any questions you might have to us.

Property Purchase Step 3.

We then provide you with resources for obtaining information on school information, crime statistics, city planning and zoning, and environmental concerns that may influence your decision to purchase.

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