When Is The Best Time To Paint Your Apartment? & 3 Important Things To Consider.

During interior designing, painting is one of the major things that makes a building renovation pop out.

When it is a rented apartment, it is always good the landlord paints the house for you. In some countries, it is a law that the landlord repaints but in Nigeria, it is a difficult rule to follow.Renewing Your Apartment's Painting? When Is The Best Time.

Now there is a tactic. When renewing your rent, you can include in the agreement that the landlord repaints before you renew.
This law works well in California and some other countries.
Now let’s go to what time of the year is perfect to paint. It’s a tough one to answer but we think the best time is always determined by the owner of the property.

A man was wanting to paint his house around June/July but got so busy and postponed it because there was no one to supervise the work. He decided to take it seriously in August but the rains disturbed him when he was trying to paint the exterior.

2 Easy Guide On The Best Time To Paint A House:

  1. Consider Nature:
    Yea. It is not advisable at all to paint a house when it is the rainy season. Difficult to dry.
  2. Look for quality not price:
    At the end of the year, the prices of all products go up. So it is advisable to always buy your paint 3-4 months down so the price doesn’t skyrocket. Because of this always stick to the best paint there is and don’t settle for less.

With these two reasons above when do you think a house should be painted? Like we said earlier i is based on personal choice but the house is best painted from September to December 15th.

Before we go will talk about the best way to paint. It’s one thing to paint, it’s another to paint well.

Before You Paint Anywhere, These Are 3 Things You Need To Consider:

  1. Paint types:
    There are different types of paints used for the exterior of a house and there are also other types for interiors of the house. You must know which to use.
  2. Prepare the surface:
    Make sure the place you want to paint is smooth. Peel the rough edges.
  3. Use roller and brush:
    Always use both of these tools. There are places like the top of the house you will need a roller brush while with small patches you use a static brush.

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