7 Amazing Hacks To Help Prevent Office Environment Infestation

Office environment infestation is a serious topic and our workspace isn’t immune to pest infestation just like every other place humans dwell.

This means that we should prevent anything that will cause any form of discomfort. Furthermore, employees and clients won’t feel comfortable doing business in a place that looks overrun with creepy-crawly pests.
Here are 7 tips to help keep your space as great as the service you render.

7 Amazing Hacks For Preventing Infestation In Your Office Environment

  1. Exterior Cleanliness.

    No pest will enter your premises if it isn’t attracted to something from the outside. A dirt free exterior will not give pests the access points they need to get inside. There has to be scheduled maintenance on your windows, roofs, entrance ways, and all other exterior places as soon as you notice the slightest damage or hole. Building exterior should not be excluded in facility maintenance. Every irrelevant object should be disposed of the lawn or garden surrounding your building. Lawns and gardens should be trimmed regularly and all debris and particles should be properly disposed to avoid office environment infestation.

  2. Monitor Your Kitchen Area Closely.

    Employees should be encouraged to clean up immediately after eating or using the kitchen area because cockroaches are constantly scavenging and mice and rats can fit into any opening. All debris of snacks or food should be taken out of work stations to prevent food scraps from remaining over long periods of time. Only well-sealed containers should be allowed for storage if and when the need arises. There should be a limited time for the storage of food in the refrigerator to avoid regular spoiled food within the kitchen area.
    Most Importantly, kitchen employees should be encouraged to utilize the kitchen area for eating and not their work station.

  3. Avoid Stagnant Water To Avoid Office Environmet Infestation.

    Any material lying around with the capacity of retaining water should be disposed of. It is a known fact that mosquitoes breed in stagnant water and bugs and rodents also need a regular source of water. So anything that can receive stagnant water should be emptied. With this done, mosquitoes eggs will not be able to hatch around your premises and other bugs will be starved of the water source.

  4. Close All Openings Regularly.

    Available openings like windows and doors around you are the fastest and easiest ways for pests and insects to have access to your work environment. Encourage immediate or regular closing of doors by clients and employees or make use of automatic doors that close independently anyone leaves or enters the premises.
    You can also make use of barriers like mosquito nets for windows to prevent insects and pests.

  5. Maintain Ventilation System Regularly.

    A scheduled Maitainance routine should be put in place for your ventilation, plumbing and air conditioning system. This will eliminate every debris accumulation, leaks and hidden clogs that can attract unwanted pests and insects into your workspace. Your plumbing and cooling system ventilation should be clean at all times.

  6. Steady Employee Orientation.

    The cleanliness of an environment requires the participation of every person utilizing the space. All colleagues/employees need to be constantly reminded of their role in the collective achievement of a clean and tidy environment. There should be steady education about inspects, rodents and pests and the best ways to avoid allowing them into the office space. Cockroaches and bugs are most times transported from one place to another therefore, proper orientation of staff can reduce or stop the spread of these infestations. Office environment infestation might result in an infestation at home.

  7. Hire Professionals To Help Exterminate Office Environmet Infestation.

    While no one feels comfortable with insects, cockroaches or rodents running around while they’re trying to execute their official duties, it isn’t advisable to spray your personal pesticides by yourself. The products might be inoffensive to you but offensive to the next person. Therefore, spraying unapproved chemicals inside the office is never a good idea.

We encourage you to bring in the professionals because the actual problems might be more technical than you think it is. Certified facility managers and trained pest control professionals possess the relevant equipment that will help locate the problem, make use of the safest pesticides to eliminate infestations and also prevent a future outbreak in your work environment