14 Important Duties of A Top Facility Managers & Their Services

To know and value the importance of a thing you must know what that thing does. A lot of times people are either confused or don’t have a clue on what facility managers do

The reason you need facility managers is so your facility continues to run well for a long period of time.Renewing Your Apartment's Painting? When Is The Best Time.

Facility Managers Are Known To Handle These 14 Jobs:

  1. Electricals

    Electrical Services handled by a facility management company is responsible for the safe and reliable delivery of electricity across the facility.
    They perform work that ranges from servicing specialized lighting and electrical components to the maintenance of diesel-powered backup generators and natural gas-fired power plants.
    The electricians provide installations, services, repairs and maintenance.

  2. Mechanicals

    Mechanical Services is responsible for ensuring that all equipment related to the heating and cooling of the facilities is operating in a safe and efficient manner and providing staff with a comfortable environment.
    We achieve optimal performance from our heating and cooling systems by both making ongoing improvements to our existing infrastructure and coordinating upgrades aimed at improved comfort and reduced cost.

  3. Plumbing

    Facilities Management plumbing services include installation, routine maintenance and testing and emergency call-out services. A small leak usually becomes a major problem if not handled and facility managers are always on the ground to get it fixed.
    Facility management providers offer plumbing support for owners and managers, including installation, upgrades and repairs all to minimize disturbances to the building occupants and get plumbing back when back quick as possible.

  4. Borehole management

    Facility management makes sure the borehole process is managed and maintained.
    Services, repairs and installations take place on time at the right time. You don’t have to bother yourself with getting fake materials or doing a bad job, FM professionals have got that aspect covered.

  5. Water treatment

    The effects of water treatment go far beyond just maintaining satisfactory performance.​ Water treatment has a great impact on utility and maintenance costs, equipment life, worker safety, and regulatory compliance.
    With facility management, you have both the experience, skills and manpower to execute and make sure water is clean and safe.

  6. Cleaning

    Cleaning majority say is tough. A lot of businesses thrive mainly on how they look and cleaning is a key area.
    With facility management providers, they make sure your facility is thoroughly cleaned which creates an enabling environment for both staff and customers to thrive in.

  7. Security

    This is a key area every facility needs. After investing so much in making sure a facility is to standard, some people deem it fit to constitute a nuisance and disturb the peace and sanity of the environment.
    With facility management services, securing these environments and making is serene for staff and clients is of utmost importance and such attention.

  8. Swimming pool management

    You install a swimming pool for the total beautification of a facility but without proper management, that pool becomes a total eyesore defacing the facility.
    With facility management, you have got professionals trained to handle and swimming pool issue on time and with expertise.

  9. Air conditions

    Every facility needs it. It makes sure the facility becomes conducive for people to leave in. Then comes a time where the controls of the A/C doesn’t work.
    Facility managers make sure repairs, servicing and maintenance of the A/C for future optimal usage is guaranteed.

  10. Generators

    Especially in Nigeria, the power supply is very epileptic. You need the power to make your facility work up to the standard you put it most especially every business must not have interruptions.
    With facility management providers, you are sure your generating set operates well and downtime is minimized as much as possible.

  11. Gardening

    Gardening brings nature close to your home. It not only beautifies the facility, it is a good exchange ecosystem between humans and the earth. Weeds must not be found or else your garden becomes an uncontrolled habitat.
    With facility management providers, gardeners with the passion for nature and care is being deployed to make sure your garden looks well.

  12. Relocation

    The moving facility from one place to another is tasking. A lot of detail is needed. The fear is always that your items might get spoilt.
    With facility management providers, every detail from the carriage to packaging to medium in which the item is conveyed through is put in place. Nothing must get missing and nothing must get spoilt. Facility managers will assure you.

  13. Pest control

    Pests destroy things. That is their primary aim. So it is not safe to allow them to hang around. They also affect the health of people staying in the facility.
    Facility management providers make the whole facility is pest-free. Fumigations are done to eliminate unwanted pests making the environment safe for people to live in.

  14. Waste management

    Statistics show it is one thing that has contributed to killer diseases. Waste is a menace and if not managed, it affects the environment.
    Facility management is the best when it comes to solving this problem. Making sure the facility is clean and tidy helps the environment at large.

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