12 Important Reasons Why You Need A Facility Management Team.

Facility Management Team and the concept behind their services are underestimated in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

People tend to not pay attention to the importance and that is the more reason why we are writing this. Statistics show that things that are managed perform far better than things that are not. It has also been Grandeur Real-Estate Facility Managersproven that businesses that facility managers take care of, perform better than their competitors. Why? Because those businesses stay focused on operations knowing their facility management situation is totally covered.

Before we go further we want to give you a clear understanding of what the facility management team does. Facility management in plain terms is the maintenance, repair and services of things that make up a facility (space, property). Read more about facility management from THIS LINK.

So right now, We’ll begin to list why you need facility managers extensively.

12 Extensive Reasons Why You Need A Good Facility Management Team.

  1. Facilities are a company’s greatest asset and it represents a significant cost of doing business. With Facility Management maximizing value and minimizing costs is key to the facility which adds directly to the bottom line of the business.
  2. Facility management which includes the environment being made good for employees/clients, processes and systems, has a large impact on productivity in a business.
  3. As Facility Managers, understanding the company’s business and the interaction with the Facility is very vital necessary to maximize productivity.
  4. Facilities whether in the point of growth or no growth, require a strong strategic planning structure in which minimizing costs and value becomes a regular.
  5. It is the duty of the facility management team to provide direction and development that is strategic. They also make sure you are guided appropriately when leasing guidance which guarantees profitability for the company.
  6. Making sure these facilities are sustained is a key factor in the environment where the company is located and this also greatly improves the welfare of the employees portraying a corporate brand alongside.
  7. Facility Management provides experts who make sure they maintain being a strong leader in the environment where they reside. The complex nature of owning or leasing Facilities poses a huge risk to the company. The job of the facility management team is to control the requirements and manage the risk.
  8. As Facility managers, we provide a team filled with personals that are both generalists and specialists to provide services so you are sure of the right people to handle your facility also obeying the culture of your business. Facility Management Processes make sure these resources work reducing risk, minimizing costs that end up maximizing value.
  9. The Facilities that make your business run can really take a lot of effort to manage effectively. Facility Management bears the burden and frees up other key resources so you can focus on what makes the company successful in delivering which is delivering value and meeting key deadlines.
  10. A Facility being managed with an administrator or one of the managers won’t get the attention it deserves and in line puts the company at a great risk but with Facility Management, the managers being assigned to you have the training, background, and experience in all areas when it comes to issues and they prefer services that are required to provide safe flow to the companies assets.
  11. Facility management team has the experience and hindsight for Facility problems. This enables them to see patterns, track changes and identify major risks that may have a bad effect in the future. Their all-round knowledge makes them take preventive and corrective action now to reduce the risk saving costs for the company.
  12. Most facilities management team are part of a broad range of support network from both local and international associations such as IFMA with over 22,000+ members globally and widely recognized industry designations for professionals, demonstrating that it is more than just a job, it is a profession.

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